Website Displaying in Wrong Language

Is your website suddenly being displayed in the wrong language?

I recently had a friend tell me that my website was being displayed in Russian! You can imagine my surprise when I heard this. However, on my end it was being displayed normally in English – the way it’s supposed to – and so I wasn’t exactly sure where the source of the problem was. He sent me a link to the “Russian” version of my site and I followed it.

And sure enough, it displayed in Russian. One of the first things I noticed was that there was an extension on my site’s URL that didn’t belong there – “#ru”. I proceeded to remove the offending bit from the address bar and reload the page. It answered by resolving straight back to the odd-looking foreign characters – along with the “#ru”.

By this time I was extremely confused. I considered the possibilities of it being a Firefox bug as I hadn’t received any complaints from anyone else. After doing all kinds of web searches thinking that if it was a legitimate problem there would be others experiencing it, and finding nothing, I started eliminating the possibilities of plugins and toolbars.

This led me to the Wibiya toolbar that I have installed. There is a language tool that allows you to translate a page into other languages. When I clicked on it, lo and behold, it was set to…wait for it…Russian! I believe my friend somehow set the language to Russian without knowing and sent me the link of the page with the Russian translation on.

The link he sent me then had the foreign tongue – “#ru” – embedded into the page and would resolve back to this page even when manually edited in the address bar. The solution was to go into the Wibiya toolbar where it says “translate”, and click on “original language”. And voila, this puts it right back to the original language, taking away any and all pent-up stress.

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