Tatetsubo (建坪) – aka “kenchiku menseki (建築面積)”, the shadowed area of a given house or structure when a light is shone on it from above, excluding a depth of up to 1 meter for all balconies, eaves, terraces, and other structural elements protruding from the outer wall of the main structure. Referred to in the “tsubo (坪)”, equal to 3.3 square meters.

Often mistaken for “nobeyukamenseki; (延べ床面積)”, which is the total floor area of a given house (ie, combined floor area of all floors). It’s safe to say that the tatetsubo of a given house cannot exceed the land area, in fact, it usually has to be significantly smaller due to “kenpeiritsu (建蔽率)” — the legally allowed building area to land ratio.


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