Sutebari (捨て張り) – an auxiliary structural support — most often in the form of plywood — installed over the initial framework, such as floor and ceiling joists, wall studs, etc, over which the final finish material is fixed. Any layer of material “thrown down”, either for structural or geometrical purposes (for example, bringing the final surface up to a desired point).

Sutebari Example

Sutebari is also commonly used here in Japan as a method of reforming rooms with concrete bases. Typically, 24 millimeter particle board is fastened to plastic tsuka directly over the concrete base, and plywood is laid over this in the perpendicular direction.

Both particle boards and plywood are spaced about 5 millimeters between sheets to prevent creaking. Aesthetic flooring boards are then installed over this in the direction perpendicular to the layer beneath it.

Plywood Sutebari over Particle Board Subfloor

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