Shinzure (芯ズレ) – the term “shin” means center, and is used very often in the carpentry world. “Zure” means to “shift” or “slide”. Together when translated literally, shinzure means a “shift from center”, or “off-center”. Though center to center measurements are the norm or standard, there are situations where a given wall for example, is located in a position that doesn’t correspond to the given module-center-to-center.

Specialized built-in furniture, specific inside measurements at the client’s request, and unique structural features are typical reasons for shinzure.

Shinzure is similar to the term “Makuzure“, and can sometimes be confused with one another. Shinzure however, is used when the deviation from module-center is small (typically within the span of the column-width), while makuzure is used when the difference is larger.

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