Republish Free Article Content in Moderation

With the advent of free article directories such as Ezinearticles and Articlesbase, it’s tempting to just go hog-wild and start posting free article content on your website left and right thinking that in so doing you’re stocking your website with content that will generate significant organic traffic. The problem is with what’s called duplicate content. Perhaps you’ve heard of the term.

Duplicate content is the term given to full articles, blocks, or chunks of substantial amounts of text that is either completely identical or closely resembles content that is already in internet circulation – meaning that it has already been published elsewhere and is simply being taken and republished to cut down on time and effort spent in creating original content.

Major search engines like Google penalize websites for duplicate content, making it extremely counter-productive to abuse this tool. Ideally, you’d want to exploit this method of search engine optimization (SEO) without turning up any red flags. Overusing and abusing the freedom to republish article content will get you penalized, whereas skillfully weaving select, relevant, and quality articles into your website will only add to its authority.

Once your website is ranking relatively well in search engine results – due in large part to original and quality content no doubt – you can afford to “dilute” your website content with a little strategically placed duplicate content here and there. The idea here isn’t to just add syndicated content just to fill up your website, but to do so with the goal of adding relevant and quality material to your clients and visitors.

If done in moderation and with the above points in mind, even this so-called duplicate content can help to drive traffic to your site. What’s important is that your original and unique content overwhelms any duplicate content you may have in terms of volume. This, along with ensuring that whatever content you do decide to republish is quality, will help keep your website from being penalized and will in fact even help to boost traffic.

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