Milescraft 1298 3D-Pantograph Router Stencil Tracing Jig

Those of us who live in regions outside of the shipping zones have to improvise a little in order to procure this handy gadget – but it’s not impossible! Living in Japan, I had to do a little of this improvisation and so had a friend be the middle man for me. He was kind enough to have it first shipped to his place, and there he reshipped it here to Japan.

There are 3 sizes from which you can choose – 40, 50, and 60 percent size reductions. Unfortunately for me, I needed a smaller size than even the 40 percent reduction. But no worries! With a little work, I was able to simply print out my own custom sizes! Using Photoshop, this was a piece of cake. The ruler function allows you to create the letters the exact height you want, and all you have to do is make them 2.5, 2, and 1.6 times bigger than what you want them to turn out on your work piece (for 40, 50, and 60 percent reductions, respectively).

The option to simply print out whatever you want to route gives you endless flexibility in your work! I’ve already printed out an additional 3 font sets with more on the way! Of course it’s a little additional work, but it’s well worth it to be able to get the exact size you’re looking for. And remember, you’re not limited to text either! Any design that can be printed on a sheet of paper can be traced with the pantograph and engraved into your work piece. The sky is the limit folks!

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