Pace yourself

I’ve been doing reform on my parents’ house off and on now for several months, and one thing I’ve learned when trying to tackle reasonably big projects is that you’ve got to pace yourself. There’s always going to be more you can do. Everywhere you turn you’ll see another area that could use a makeover.

For those of you who own relatively new houses and are only reforming a room here or there for personal preference this may not apply, but for those of us who are basically taking on the complete rebuilding of our houses from a to z for necessity’s sake, it’s a bit of a higher mountain to climb.

Just start off one step at a time. Don’t stress yourself out over how much you have left to do but look at the progress you’ve made. No matter how small the progress may be, it’s still progress nonetheless. Take time to enjoy hobbies and recreational activities too, as this will help you to recharge for when you get back to work.

If there was one piece of advice I’d give — and would have liked to have — it would be to finish one room at a time. If you’re not living in the house while you’re working on it, it’s a different story. -In which case, it would be better to go in phases. But in the case where you’re living in the house as you’re reforming it, it’s best to finish a room completely before moving on, as then you’ll be able to move things in and use it.

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