Bruce Lipton on the Human Mind, Genes, and the Placebo Effect

Here’s an interesting 30 minute video that delves into the power of the human mind and connects it with the many phenomena that we experience including the placebo effect as well as the many inexplicable events that we often hear about Illustration of the nocebo effectwhere for example, a frail woman will lift a car to save someone trapped underneath it. This may border on fringe science for some people, but Bruce Lipton outlines things very clearly and in a way that most people can understand. You should watch this video and decide for yourself.

We’ve all been taught things from a young age, starting with our parents, brothers, sisters, and later, from our friends and teachers. But what we may not realize is that from the day we’re born we begin “downloading” data from these various sources and saving them onto our hard drive – our brain. And throughout our lives our subconscious minds access this data to essentially tell our bodies what happens in a given situation. They say 99% of our actions are controlled by our subconscious mind!

This means that only the remaining 1% of our actions is controlled by our conscious mind. Looking at it with this perspective it’s easy to see the importance of the quality or substance of the data we download into our minds as it essentially makes up the very fabric of our subconscious mind – responsible for 99% of our actions. Lipton also goes into detail concerning the human gene and a common misconception regarding its role in the way our bodies develop as well as how much authority our genes have in deciding the way a person turns out.

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