Mini Houses – Why Anyone would want to Live in One

Houses come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, often pushing design and architecture to its limits. I’m sure we have all seen a structure or 2 at some point that seemed to defy all natural logic or reasoning. But this is one of the beauties of design and creativity – there is simply no limit when it comes to the imagination. (Buildings that Defy Gravity)

But while creativity and exploration can be inspiring and very important, simplicity is still what everything comes back to eventually. Lately there has been a growing trend in the direction of mini houses! Why? – For many reasons, depending on the individual. These can range from economic reasons to environmental ones.

Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

What exactly are mini houses?

Like the name suggests, mini houses are simply very small houses – ranging from about 50 square feet to several hundred. They can be built on a trailer, out of an existing storage container, or from scratch on a plot of land. The advantages to living in mini houses are many – of which I will list the main ones further below – but the general driving force behind this new trend is the belief that the many benefits found in living simply make doing so worth it.

I suppose people are realizing that you actually don’t need all that much in the way of possessions and “space” to be happy and lead a fulfilling life. We in the developed world have grown somewhat accustomed to having a certain amount of “luxury” in terms of housing, cars, and ultimately, just flat out possessions of all kinds.

But with limitations on where we can store these possessions, we inevitably must trim the fat and learn to live simpler, cheaper, and lighter. In my opinion, unnecessarily large houses – such as a 20-bedroom house for a couple and 2 kids – and all the resources that are consumed to maintain it, are luxuries we simply cannot afford in the long-term. (Watch an interesting video on Tiny Homes!)

Although I personally don’t see everyone moving into mini houses as the all-in-all to our present environmental problems, the bedrock principle of learning to live simpler and make do with less is one that will steer us in the right direction. I believe there is a balance that must be achieved in all this.

Due to the current financial, social, and environmental pickle we as a race are in, mini houses offer a wide array of benefits. I will attempt to list some of the main ones:

– Extremely economical. The size of a house greatly influences not only the cost of initial construction, but monthly utilities, taxes, and maintenance.
– More environmentally-friendly. Because it just costs less overall, it makes that much less of a demand on our environment and resources.
– Teaches rare values. Values like frugality and being content with less are not easy to learn in this day and age. Simplicity starts with your lifestyle.

Mini houses can be used either as your primary living quarters or as a secondary one. Either way, it’s a unique and soul-searching way of living or vacationing, and one that will remind you of just how complicated life can get sometimes. I recommend trying it out! No doubt it’s not everyone’s cup a’ tea, but I think it will do you good – even for just the experience.

See this news article for additional information.

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