Looking to Edit the WordPress Meta Widget?

Sometimes you want the “Meta” widget for its RSS feed but don’t care for the other stuff – like the links to WordPress.org and the logins. I feel kinda bad for WordPress but I think they’re big enough to lose out on a few backlinks here and there. When trying to find out how to edit the Meta widget you might start out by looking at the CSS or other php files on the dashboard.

But as you probably figured out, it’s not there. It’s in a file called “default-widgets.php” located in the WP-includes folder on your server. You’ll need an FTP program to access it. Once there, you simply do a search (control-F) for “Meta” and it’ll take you right to the meta widget section, where you can edit to your heart’s content.

You can either remove the “offending” links completely or simply add the “rel” attribute “nofollow”, if it’s your link-juice being diluted that’s bothering you. I personally think a link – even if it’s only a nofollow link – is courtesy for the platform that’s providing a means for people to create such awesome websites. But I also feel that it’s just “in the way” sometimes. – Your call.

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