Kasagi (笠木) – n – also known as coping in architecture, kasagi is used to cap the exposed top surface or cross section of a wall, protecting it from rain damage as well as providing a visually appealing surface material. Being that kasagi can be used both indoors and outdoors, materials range from metal to wood to composite materials.

When used outdoors, it’s important that it slopes to one or both sides to shed water. Such slopes may or may not be easily apparent to the naked eye as only moderate slopes are necessary. Besides the slope, material-surface durability plays an integral part in the kasagi’s life-span. Interior uses however, are typically flat. Below are 2 common examples of kasagi:

Interior kasagi used to cap the short wall beside the staircase.

Interior Kasagi

Exterior kasagi used to cap the wall around the veranda.

Outdoor Kasagi

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