How to Install Cylindrical Concrete Deck Footings

Outdoor wooden decks can be wonderful additions to your home, providing your family with a fresh and healthy space for fun and relaxation. Being that decks can be a rather costly endeavor if you were to contract it out, there are many who choose to do it themselves. This page won’t get into the “A-to-Z” steps for building a deck, but covers the initial and most important step – the foundation!

Of the many options from which you can choose from to build your foundation, there is one thing that almost all of them have in common. They are made of concrete. Concrete is a cheap, strong, durable, and relatively simple material to work with, making it the material of choice for such purposes. The foundation is exposed to extremely harsh conditions, such as almost constant humidity and wetness, as well as insect-attack, and must be capable of withstanding these.

The video below displays an easy and cost-effective way of constructing your foundation using cardboard cylindrical concrete molds. They come in a variety of diameters to accommodate various needs. They can be cut to various lengths (height when stood up) to compensate for unlevel ground, but it’s best not to spend too much time on getting them perfectly level. After the hardware is mounted and concrete cured, the vertical posts can be cut to ensure a good level – which is considerably easier.

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