Free and Handy’s Favorite Room Design Ideas

The interior matching enchantingly with the misty overcast backdrop outside. Note the tasteful cowhide rug over the flagstone floor.

Mystical Enchanting Living room Ideas

— Image courtesy of Bilvil Architecture

Having a room in the rafters might be cozy in the winter, just make sure you have sufficient insulation beneath the roof — and preferably an air conditioner — otherwise it’ll be nothing short of a sauna in the summer months!

A country-style room in the Rafters

— Image courtesy of howstuffworks.

The attached bedroom and dining room, along with the large windows create a spacious feel that fits well with the vast expanse of the ocean horizon. Simple and solid, the dining table and benches add a robust presence to the rather sparse interior.

Tropical Connected Dining Bedroom

— Image courtesy by Homivo.

Tropical weather allows the combining of indoor and outdoor elements to form a beautiful and convenient design. Large windows and high ceilings are important features of homes built in the tropics. The close proximity of the pool to the bedroom adds an exotic dash to the hybrid Southern European/Thai villa.

Thai/Medditerranean-style Villa Poolhouse

— Image courtesy of Adrefmy.

Looking like it came right out of a scene from The Ten Commandments, this picturesque collaboration of lounge, dining area, deck, and pool, provide the perfect hangout area after a long, tiring day.

Lounge, Deck, and Pool Collaboration

— Image courtesy of Archinspire.

A unique and eco-friendly option, geodesic dome homes are growing in demand due to the shift toward environmental sustainability (see Geodesic Dome Homes — Pros and Cons for details on these amazing structures). Dome homes have a spacious, planetarium feel to them, and is a wonderful choice for those who seek originality and green alternatives.

Geodesic Dome Home Interior

— Image courtesy of Prweb.

A picture-perfect log house with the matching country interior. It almost doesn’t get better than this. The adequately spaced, low-hanging log rafters add a cozy feel while still allowing the high ceiling of the log home to work its magic.

Country Loghouse

— Image courtesy of Stillwatercountychamber.

A single-story frontier-style home in the waning light of dusk. This simple but elegant design allows for spacious outdoor relaxation with awnings extending generously out from 3 sides.

Warm Frontier-style Home

High thermal mass allows homes in semi-arid and arid climates to absorb heat during the heat of the day and release it when the temperature drops at night — Nature’s thermostat. This Mediterranean-style home, complete with its arches and columns, is eye-candy to anyone with a taste for beauty.

Mediterranean/Tuscan Style Home

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