Article Submission – Why Place Backlinks in Article Body

In my experience with submitting original articles to online article directories such as Ezinearticles, I’ve found it beneficial to include relevant backlinks within the article body. Granted, there are restrictions as to the number of backlinks you’re allowed to include, but strategically placing backlinks in the article body when allowed, and not only in the resource box, has proven to be a wise decision.

These days there are all manner of folk who spend inordinate amounts of time thinking and scheming how to “cheat the system” and cash in on the net, using anything and everything from spamming to automated article-spinning. Over time I have personally found hundreds of my own articles spun to some martian tongue and republished on third-party websites, and I can only wonder how anyone can find even a speck of value in them anymore.

I realize there really is no point stressing over this as they have never outranked the original articles on major search engines. The point in all this, is that due to the automation of this black-hat practice, any links located within the article body will usually remain in the spun article. The resource box at the bottom will often be removed, either intentionally or due to the fact that they only take the first half or two-thirds of the article.

In the end, even though you managed to slip in some backlinks, their value will nonetheless be questionable. However, being that one of the major attractions of article marketing is to enable you to syndicate your content out to third-party publishers – with the idea that they’ll keep your links in tact – I believe every little bit counts. They’re not worth your time to hound them down and make them “obey the rules” so you might as well learn how to make it work for you.

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