Exotic Indoor Bed Pergola

walnut colored bed pergolaI’ve always wanted to have a canopy of some kind over my bed and I finally was able to make this happen. Well, sort of. It was kind of an experiment but I think it turned out alright. At first I was kicking myself for painting it all this walnut color, but once I put it up and saw how it looked in its finished state, I was pretty happy with it. The walnut finish on the roman ogee routing gives it a rather classy feel.

The entire thing was preplanned on Google Sketchup prior to doing any actual woodworking. Lately I’ve found Sketchup to be pretty useful and have been realizing the importance of mapping out your task well before beginning your project. I was able to design the entire project from every tiny notch to the calculating of dimensions and ratios based on pre-taken measurements. And then I simply print out several relevant screen shots of the model.

From this point on it’s smooth sailing as I just need to follow instructions. It’s all math and this program does it all for you. If you create the model accurately, everything should turn out perfectly. (See my page on Google Sketchup for details on how to get your hands on this awesome freeware.) Well, have a look at the picture gallery for various angles of the finished product.

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