The bulk of the DIY information on this website is delivered via my “posts”, which are ordered by date posted with the newest ones showing up at the top. You can access my more recent posts from the “Home” page located on the far left tab on the main menu bar above, and an ordered list of all pages and posts in the “Sitemap” further to the right.

By utilizing the “Search” box on the top right, you can locate relevant articles by keyword searches.

And then there are Tags” located in the lower portion of the sidebar. These tags are associated only with the post content, but not the page content. For a more comprehensive selection use the search bar located on the top right part of the page or the Sitemap.

There is also a Post Categories widget further below from which you can view all existing categories as well as how many posts there are per category.



For slightly technical terms I have attached a Glossary. Simply click on the word – which will be dark gray and underlined, jumping out in green when hovered over if clickable – and a 300 by 300 px glossary window will pop up on the center right hand side of the screen showing the definition. Note that not all links will take you to the glossary, as many are linked to other relevant pages.


So as you can see, there are several ways you can navigate right to the most relevant articles. By understanding the different navigational tools available, you won’t have to wonder “where you are”.

Go straight to the information you need and go straight out so you can begin implementing the information you just garnered! There are of course various links which you might be interested in, and my About page, which you may also want to check out, but these are fairly straight-forward.

And please don’t hesitate to contact me if you still can’t find your way around. Thanks for visiting Free and Handy!